Cable protector - protector of fire hoses

Cable protector / protector of fire hoses  is used to protect electrical wires, cables and all kinds of fire hoses.


Cable protector  /protector of fire hoses  is equipped with practical system to connect a “puzzle” with enables fast and reliable installation of segments of various lengths.


Surface structure of cable protector  /protector of fire hoses  has non-slip properties.


Thanks 3M reflective tape is highly visible both day and night.

Cable protector  /protector of fire hoses   is made of vulcanized rubber which is characterized by high flexibility, durability ensuring years of use. Has two channels with dimensions 75x70 [mm].


-carrying cables, fire hoses across the street,

-supply cable from the console to the scene at the time of cultural and sports events,

-supply viring to broadcast vans, etc.


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