Anti-vegetation mats/ plates



Fi 300 mm, U1 hole traffic bollard or any

Fi 600 mm, U1 hole traffic bollard or any



500x500x20 mm, U1 hole traffic bollard or any



Material: rubber granulate

Application: around traffic bollards and road barriers as an element protecting against undesirable growth of vegetation


Anti-vegetation mats / rolls

Material: rubber granulate


Size: Sheet 1000x1200x (8,10,12) mm

Rolls width 600-1000 mm thickness: 8,10,12 mm


- alongroads, highways, railways, airports,

- protection of column, pillars in car parks

- reduce the risk of accidental damage to vehicles in industrial areas and in warehouses

- minimize the risk of damage to pillars by trucks, forklifts.


Advantages: usinganti-vegetation plates / mats you get rid of unnecessary weeds and eliminate costly mowing, sometimes many times a year. Thanks to the technology used (properdensity), the water penetrates through the plates / mats into the soil giving life to microorganisms. Easy assembly without the use of specialized tools, does not require the participation of specialized assembly teams.

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