Brajl plate

Rubber „Brajl” plate is made of vulcanized rubber color, a kind of road markings to facilitate the movement of person with disabilities. "Brajl" plate is an element of road safety for blind people which helps them to safely overcome the obstacles in their way. Advantage of our plate is that it can be installed without interfering with existing pavement. Is flexible of high strength characteristic. To apply it to existing concrete or asphalt surfaces is recommended to use an adhesive polymer.


Our plate is manufactured in sizes: 60cm x 30cm x 0,65 (-0.45) cm.

Structure of the "Brajl" plate are the tabs with the diameter of 35 mm and a height of 6.5 mm  evenly distributed on the surface of the plate at intervals of about 50 mm. Colors of our plate is optional but recommended is yellow because it is the most recognizable color of the visually impaired. Used to produce high quality rubber makes our product is extremely durable as to be indelible which is confirmed by the results of technical research and technology. Laboratory experiments have also shown that the "Brajl" plate is resistant to frost, road salt. Our product is characterized by a resistance to aging.


"Brajl" plates are used as warning plates:

- at bus stops

- metro stations

- railway stations

- pedestrian crossings and all elements of the road where the architecture is required warning label for the blind.


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