Parking separators

Parking separator – designed to separate parking spaces.

Facilitates quick and secure car parking. Protects against possible damage to vehicles. Can to be attached to walls with appropriate screws.


Use: municipal parking, parking at supermarkets, garages, driveways, etc.

Material: rubber granules and polyurethane.


The reflective 3M tape makes it clearly visible at night. Durable – long-term use. UV resistant.


Parking stops

Parking stop – enables precise parking. Protects against damage to other vehicles, destruction of lawns. Optimises use of parking surfaces. Ideal for garages and parking places. Perfectly suited for separation of, e.g., bicycle lanes, guaranteeing safety of cyclists.


The openings provided enable permanent connection to the substrate, asphalt or concrete. Alternatively, they can also be glued.


The reflective 3M tape makes the element highly visible at night.


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