Multi-purpose city poler

Multi-purpose city poler which under the pressure or impact bends without damaging the vehicle or the poler itself. Their flexibility makes them much safer compared to other metalpolers which are placed permanently in the ground.


Our city poler find a variety of applications as separating elements of small urban architecture. They are used for fencing green areas and securing parking spaces. In addition except blocking access or fencing and separating individual areas is a perfect esthetic element.


They are characterized by resistance to weather conditions, as well as low operating costs, because they do not require maintenance. In addition, the poler have many other applications depending on your needs.


They can also be used as a separating element:

- pedestrian routes in halls, shopping malls,

- dangerous exits from parking lots / garages, where the driver may strike the wall or pillar by inattention,

- at the fork of roads as separation of lanes,

- in driving schools on maneuvering squares,

- determination of communication routes, securing places excluded from traffic, etc.


We offer individual solutions for the placement of logo or city coat of arms. We offer you three stylistic lines of our poler - classic, retro and modern.


Material: Vulcanised rubber marked with 3M reflective tape.


Assembly: Concreted at a depth of 500 mm in the ground or stabilization with quartz sand in a plastic pipe.


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